Sheriff's Office gets new equipment

On August 22nd, 2012, the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office began using our new Decatur 350 Radar Speed Display Trailer.   The trailer was purchased with money found in an October 2011 traffic stop, Deputies determined the money was drug money and seized it.    The seized money can only be used to purchase equipment for the Sheriff’s Office.    Additionally matching grant funds were awarded to the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office by the Nebraska Office of Highway Safety for part of the purchase.     


The Decatur 350 has an 18 inch LED display visible from 1000 feet, as well as a data collection component.   The data obtained from the trailer will assist Deputies as it can generate various reports such as;  Maximum traffic speeds, average traffic speeds, traffic time / speed intervals, number of vehicles above traffic speed limit and total number of vehicles on the roadway.    


In its first week of deployment the trailer is being used in the Village of Hershey specifically in the school zones and during this weekend’s local celebration.   The trailer will be deployed anywhere in the county when the need arises, helping Deputies efficiently manage traffic issues. 

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