Sheriff’s Office Employees

Sheriff Jerome J. Kramer

kramer_smallJerome Kramer began his Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office career as a Detention Officer in October of 1981 and worked there until he received a position as a Deputy Sheriff in January of 1983, graduating from the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center in June of that year and remained a Lincoln County Deputy Sheriff until elected Lincoln County Sheriff and taking office on August 3, 2006.

While working as a Deputy Sheriff, Jerome quickly obtained the rank of Sergeant and ultimately held almost every position that a Deputy Sheriff could. In addition to running a Patrol Shift for a number of years, Jerome was in charge of the Civil Division during the mid 1980’s agricultural recession and worked with countless numbers of agricultural professionals in their dire times. The Civil Division is one of the highest liability areas of any Sheriff’s Offices and Jerome was placed in charge during that time because of his tenacity and life-long agricultural background; Jerome understands the agricultural community and their needs.

Jerome Kramer also spent several years as the Sergeant in charge of the Criminal Investigative Division and was involved with innumerable major crimes including 1st degree sexual assaults (rape), child neglect and abuse cases and 5 murders.

His vast experience in the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, willingness to communicate with the Lincoln County citizenry, and his incredible caring nature won the confidence of the Lincoln County voters and Jerome Kramer was elected as the Lincoln County Sheriff in the May 2006 Primary Election and he ran unopposed in the fall’s General Election. When the sitting Sheriff retired before completing his current term, the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners appointed Jerome as Sheriff on August 3, 2006.

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Chief Deputy Roland L. Kramer 

Chief Deputy Roland L. Kramer (no relation to Sheriff Jerome Kramer) started his career in law enforcement in 1989 at the Wyoming State Penitentiary, Rawlins, WY.   In 1990 Roland completed the initial Detention Officer training through the State of Wyoming.   Later that year, Roland was offered a management position at the Airport Inn Restaurant in North Platte and was eventually promoted to General Manager, over 40 some employees.

In November of 1994, Roland was hired by Sheriff Duane Deterding as a Detention Officer in the Lincoln County Jail.   November of 1995, Roland was promoted to Deputy Sheriff and after basic training in Grand Island served in the Patrol Division for Lincoln County.  Roland served two rotations in Warrants Division and eventually went into the Criminal Investigation Division until he was promoted again to Patrol Corporal January 1st, 2000.  At that time Roland also became the Field Training Officer for the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office and helped develop the program into a more standardized format.   In 2003 Roland was promoted to Sergeant in the Patrol Division by Sheriff Jim Carman.    During his time in the Patrol Division, Roland was involved in all Homicide Investigations which resulted in the successful prosecution of several subjects.

In January 2007, Roland was chosen to lead the Criminal Investigation Division of the Sheriff’s Office.   Roland became the lead investigator on numerous cases to include; Sexual Assault Investigations of adults and children, Shootings, Homicides, Frauds, Thefts and Internal Investigations.   Roland worked very closely with the Lincoln County Attorney’s Office and helped develop a strong working relationship with surrounding law enforcement.

In May 2011, Roland was promoted to Operations Lieutenant by Sheriff Jerome Kramer.  His duties were to supervise all Deputies and supervised the moving from the old Sheriff’s Office and Detention Center into the facility.   On August 1st, 2011 Roland accepted Sheriff Kramer’s offer to become his Chief Deputy.    Roland is now assisting Sheriff Kramer in the supervision of the Detention Center, all Deputies and Clerks.


Lieutenant Dan Newton

Lt. Dan Newton started his career in law enforcement with the Goodland Kansas Police Department in May of 1993. He graduated from the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center and worked in the patrol division at Goodland before accepting a job offer from Lincoln County Sheriff Duane Deterding and moving back to his home town of North Platte Nebraska.

Dan started his new position with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office on January 2nd, 1995. A graduate of the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center in 1995, he  was assigned to the patrol division. Dan became a certified Accident Reconstructionist in addition to serving in Bike Patrol, the multi-agency Honor Guard and being a K-9 officer for six years serving with K-9 “Hasso”.

Dan received the American Legion Certificate of Commendation in 1998 and the Fraternal Order of Eagles Law Officer Award in 2001.   Dan was promoted to Corporal in 2003 by Sheriff Jim Carman. In 2006, He was promoted to Patrol Sergeant by Sheriff Jerome Kramer.  On August 1st 2011, Dan was promoted to Operations Lieutenant by Sheriff Jerome Kramer.

Dan is a second generation Law Enforcement Officer serving Lincoln County. His father, Roy Newton, served with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office from July of 1973 to August 1984. Roy achieved the position of Chief Deputy for Sheriff Hop Gilster and worked for Sheriff Deterding before retiring.

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Patrol Division

  • Operations Lt. Dan Newton
  • Sgt. Wayne Connell
  • Sgt. Tim Kirk
  • Sgt. Derek Hanna
  • Cpl. Season Trevino
  • Cpl. Tom Courter
  • Cpl. John Stadler
  • Cpl. Colton Magill
  • Deputy Brett Schmidt
  • Deputy Zachary Kramer
  • Deputy Tiffany Wood
  • Deputy Chris McColley
  • Deputy Tyler Schultz
  • Deputy Quenton Smith
  • Deputy Alec McKillip
  • Deputy Ty Staman
  • Deputy Jeremy Parker
  • Deputy Walker Baird


Civil Process 

  • Sgt. Merit Newman
  • Deputy Brent Lundgreen


Criminal Investigations

  • Sgt. Larry Meyer
  • Cpl. Brad Ward


Reserve Deputies

  • Deputy Rick Windham
  • Deputy Brandon Myers

Detention Center

  • Lt. Penny Ball
  • Sgt. Willie Purvis III
  • Sgt. Shanna Hamilton
  • Cpl. Vincent Garcia
  • Cpl. Dosha Zogg
  • Cpl. Angel McWain
  • Detention Officer Larry Mora
  • Detention Officer Derek Taft
  • Detention Officer Kaleb King
  • Detention Officer Christopher Parks
  • Detention Officer Cody Newton
  • Detention Officer Gerald Rockwell
  • Detention Officer Brian Anderson
  • Detention Officer Jacob Stadler
  • Detention Officer Zachary Richter
  • Detention Officer Zane Gibson
  • Detention Officer Robin Schliep
  • Detention Officer Sheryl Ball
  • Detention Officer Kortney Markey
  • Detention Officer Karan Erickson
  • Detention Officer Autumn Derman
  • Detention Officer Marisa Garcia
  • Detention Officer Paula Fitzgerald
  • Detention Officer Tessa Brown
  • Detention Officer Iolanda Eli
  • Detention Officer Sarah Pickard
  • Detention Officer Corey Sybert
  • Detention Officer Scotty Sloggett
  • Detention Officer Domanic Francescato
  • Detention Officer Colton Shelton
  • Detention Officer Wesley Throckmorton
  • Detention Officer Jake Oseka
  • Detention Officer Zach Burkert
  • Detention Officer Lane Watson
  • Detention Officer Eli Mickey
  • Detention Officer Brad Clinesmith
  • Detention Officer Devon Stethem


Detention Center Nurse

  • RN Amanda Mays
  • Med Aid Brittany Purcell
  • Med Aid Gracie Halouska



  • Pastor Don Anderson


Office Personnel

  • Office Manager Lexie Dillard
  • Clerk Sally Wilhelmson
  • Clerk Roxanne Attebery
  • Clerk Delicia Mata
  • Detention Clerk Marla Haines
  • Detention Clerk Brenda Anderson
  • Clerk Tracy Oltmanns