magnifying-glassTitle/vehicle inspections are required for all vehicles, ATVs, minibikes and trailers brought into Nebraska from out-of-state.

No identification inspection will be conducted unless all major component parts are properly attached to the vehicle in the correct location. State Statute §60-2601 defines major component parts as the engine, with or without accessories, transmission, cowl, door, frame, body, rear clip or nose.

You will be required to produce ownership documentation at the time of inspection. If there is a lien holder or leasing company who has possession of the title document, you will need a copy of the title for the vehicle inspection.

The inspection will include a comparison of the VIN on the vehicle with the title presented, as well as examination and notation of the odometer reading.

For vehicles that require inspection, but are not physically located in Nebraska, the State Police in the state where the vehicle is located may perform the inspection, but they must use Nebraska Vehicle Inspection Form (NSP455). These forms may be obtained at the Nebraska State Patrol Office located at 300 West South River Road, North Platte, NE, phone number 308-535-8047.

After the inspection form has been completed, it must be sent to the address below, along with the required $10.00 fee, for approval:


Nebraska State Patrol 

Auto Fraud Division

3800 NW 12th Street

Lincoln, NE 68521


Once the vehicle has passed inspection, a completed and signed inspection form will be given to you. This form must be presented to the Lincoln County Sheriff Office along with the Application for Certificate of Title.

The inspection expires ninety (90) days after the date of the inspection. If the form expires prior to your application for title, you will need to return to the Sheriff’s Office for re-inspection of the vehicle.

The Sheriff’s Office conducts vehicle inspections between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.  The fee for an inspection is $10.00.