Disturbance in Hershey, NE

On April 13, 2023 at 9:20 a.m. numerous reports of a subject under the influence at the Hershey, NE. Quick Stop came in. It was reported the male subject was attempting to assault employees and patrons of the convenance store. This caused Hershey Public School to go into lockdown as they are just south of the store.

Deputies arrived and contacted twenty-nine-year-old North Platte resident Austin Bordeaux. Mr. Bordeaux was highly intoxicated. Deputies learned that Mr. Bordeaux did assault a store clerk leaving her with a cut on her hand. Mr. Bordeaux was arrested and incarcerated for Third Degree Assault, Disturbing the Peace, and Trespassing. Hershey Public School was taken out of lockdown upon Mr. Bordeaux arrest.

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