Inmate Telephone Accounts

There are numerous telephones available within the detention facility for the inmate’s use.  There are two call options.

  1. Prepaid Collect – Prepaid collect calls are collect calls paid for in advance. The inmate’s family and friends can deposit money to an account associated with their telephone number. The Prepaid Collect account is controlled by you. In the event that an inmate calls a number where a collect call cannot be billed or the phone number has exceeded its allowed spending limit, a complimentary, one-time call is allowed. During the call, the parties will be instructed that future calls to this number will require setup of a Prepaid account. In addition, your logon account is secured with a password that is selected during account setup. This security step allows account access by authorized users only. (Prepaid Collect account funds expire 6 months from the date last used, unless otherwise required by State law. A refund may be requested.)
  2. PIN Debit – A PIN Debit account is an inmate owned prepaid debit account that allows inmates to place calls using funds maintained in the inmate’s PIN Debit account. The inmate can make calls to any telephone number not restricted by the facility, using PIN Debit funds. The inmate’s family and friends can also deposit money to an inmate’s PIN Debit account. Funds placed on a PIN Debit account will become the property of the Inmates. (No refunds will be given on PIN Debit.)

To set up a prepaid account now, simply call 866.700.4545. One the account is funded, you can immediately start receiving calls. You can also visit

Payment Options:

Call Center Live Operator
Deposit Fee $5.95
Call Center 8AM-8PM M-F,
2PM-6PM Saturdays
Phone IVR
Deposit Fee $3.00
Many of the facilities that Prodigy Solutions serves will have a payment Kiosk
located in their lobby where a cash or credit card deposit to your account can be made.