Suicidal Subject Subdued by Deputies

On July 6, 2016 at 1: 35 p.m., Deputies were called to the Outlet Camping area at Lake Maloney. It was reported a male subject was threatening suicide. Deputies arrived and found the male subject had just covered himself with Gasoline. The subject had positioned himself at the end of a long boat dock on the southwest corner of the area.

Deputies attempted to speak with the male subject but he would not converse with them. The male attempted to light himself on fire with a lighter. The subject succeeded in starting himself on fire at the end of the boat dock. Several Deputies rushed the individual to put out the fire. The individual was very combative with the Deputies.

Deputies were able to get the subject’s clothing put out and found he was not seriously injured. He was transported to Great Plains Health for evaluation and placed in protective custody. Drugs and Alcohol do not appear to be a factor.

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