Young Male in Custody for Gun Incident

On May 29, 2018 around 5:05 hours the 911 Center received a complaint of an eleven year old male at the Sutherland Soccer Field in possession of a revolver style hand gun. It was reported the young male had pointed the gun at a child. A Deputy in Sutherland immediately responded to the area and began searching for the young male.

The Deputy found there were many people at the field as games were being held. The Deputy advised coaches and officials there was a threat and they all cancelled the games and left the area. A systematic search of the field and buildings was conducted by the lone Deputy who did not find the young male.

Another Deputy arrived and located the suspected male in another area of town. The male was detained and searched. The Deputy located the gun in a back pack the male was carrying. The gun was a Pellet revolver and was made of heavy steel. The gun functioned and looked like a real firearm. The Deputy also located a pair of multicolor brass knuckles in the young male’s possession. The male was placed in custody and further investigation into this matter follows.

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