Four Males Charged with Felony Criminal Mischief

During the end of November 2017 and early December 2017, the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office received several calls from ABC Auto Salvage located on Rodeo Road in North Platte. Employees advised on several occasions, company vehicles located inside the salvage yard were intentionally crashed into each other, thus causing thousands of dollars in damage. Additionally windows were broken and items were stolen from the salvage yard.

The company installed a very sophisticated security system with multiple cameras covering the entire salvage yard. After the installation of the security equipment the subjects returned. The security system was able to photograph the suspects and after viewing the pictures Deputies were able to positively identify them.

The four suspects were interviewed at the Sheriff’s Office and issued citations for Felony Criminal Mischief and Theft. All four of the suspects were from North Platte, NE, their names are as follows: Eighteen year old Trevor Alexander, eighteen year old Christian Buck, nineteen year old Ransley Foust, and eighteen year old Nathanial Gifford. The investigation in this matter continues with additional charges pending.

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