Deputies Discover Human Remains

On November 15, 2019 at 11:45 a.m., Deputies responded to a ranch south of Hershey, NE. The rancher reported he found human remains in a stock trailer he recently purchased in Missouri.

Deputies arrived and found a large plastic animal supplement tub full of dirt. The rancher advised he found the tub in the large stock trailer he just purchased. The rancher took the tub out of the trailer to spread the dirt in his driveway. Upon doing so he saw what he believed was human remains and other items in the tub.

Upon examination, Deputies confirmed the remains were definitely human and noticed personal items in the tub. Deputies were able to ascertain the remains possibly belonged to one of two brothers from Wisconsin, who were alleged victims of a homicide in northwestern Missouri.

Deputies contacted Law Enforcement from the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office in Missouri, the lead agency in the homicide investigation. Investigators with the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the remains could belong to the homicide victims. Caldwell County Investigators and Missouri State Police flew into Lincoln County later in the evening and picked up the remains. The investigation is ongoing.

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