Deputies save a suicidal subject

On November 6, 2020 at 12:20 a.m. Deputies received a report of a Disturbance in rural Lincoln County. Deputies responded to a residence and was informed a male subject was contemplating suicide in his bedroom. Deputies were told the male had possibly overdosed on prescription medication. Also the male had a shotgun and was threatening to shoot himself with.

Deputies entered the residence and confronted the male subject who was holding a short shotgun to his head. Deputies attempted to calm the individual down for some time with very limited results. Eventually Deputies deployed a Taser at the subject and then tackled him removing the loaded firearm. Deputies called for rescue assistance and the subject was taken to Great Plains Health for medical and mental health treatment.

Information on mental health calls for service are rarely released by the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office to protect suspected mentally ill. This case and many others demonstrates the amount of courage, bravery and commitment to Lincoln County citizens, in crisis or not, our Deputies show every day.

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