Burglary Suspect Calls Deputies for Assistance

On February 6, 2018 at 4:24 a.m., Deputies were called by twenty year North Platte resident Joshua Schimmer. Mr. Schimmer asked for assistance from Deputies, requesting a jump start as his vehicle had stopped running. Mr. Schimmer advised he was cold and needed immediate help. Mr. Schimmer indicated he was near the north end of Lake Maloney.

As Deputies were responding they received a call from a resident near the same location, the resident advised their home had just been burglarized. A female resident advised she was startled while sleeping by a man in her bedroom. The female said the man ran out of the home when she and her husband woke up.

Deputies met with Mr. Schimmer and the resident about the same time. Deputies located several items belonging to the female in Mr. Schimmer’s possession. Mr. Schimmer was arrested for Burglary and transported to the Lincoln County Detention Center and incarcerated. Prior to leaving, the helpful Deputies towed Mr. Schimmer’s broken down car, it is being held pending the conclusion of the investigation.

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