Job Opening Office Clerk

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office is taking applications for the position of Office Clerk. This position has a salary range of $16.52 – $18.59 per hour depending on experience and a generous benefit package to include; Paid Vacation, Paid Sick Leave, Nebraska State Retirement and 100% paid employee health insurance.

Minimum Qualifications

U.S. Citizen, High School Diploma or G.E.D. certificate, minimum nineteen (19) years of age, must successfully complete an oral interview, extensive background and criminal history investigations, medical examination, drug test, psychological examination, truth verification examination. Have no felony convictions, no serious misdemeanor convictions within the last five (5) years. An Office Clerk must also read, write and speak the English language and possess, or be able to possess, a valid Nebraska driver’s license. The ability to read, write and speak Spanish is an added benefit. Additional experience in accounting / bookkeeping would be beneficial.

An Office Clerk must have the ability to sit for long periods of time at a desk and the ability to type forty (40) words per minute. Be able to communicate firmly but courteously with the general public and other law enforcement agencies. Be able to follow direction and orders and be multi-tasked oriented. Be able to work in a stressful large workload environment and able to get along with fellow employees.

Example of Duties

An Office Clerk will use various computer programs to effectively complete daily job duties. Perform vehicle and title inspections. Will serve and file returns for civil process papers and data entry for various reports. An Office Clerk shall communicate with other law enforcement agencies, attorneys and general public via e-mail, telephone and in person. Additionally, research data for various functions of the Sheriff’s Office as required. Communicate with the public courteously but firmly in collecting back taxes along with researching in the aid to collect taxes. Assist in public sales, complete background checks for firearm permits, registered sex offenders. Also maintain and reconcile checking accounts and other duties as required.

Applications may be obtained during office hours at the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office or under Documents at For additional information please contact Office Manager Lexie Dillard (308) 535-9599. The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Application deadline is May 14, 2021 at 5:00 p.m.

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